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At the Online Med Clinic we facilitate registered medical practitioners and patients to remotely connect, interact and interchange relevant health information to allow consultation, diagnosis, treatment and recovery in 5 easy steps i.e., Sign-up, Define Problem, Select A Mode & Consult Doc via Email, Phone & Video Call from the Comfort of Your Home or Anywhere & at Anytime. We aim to give you professional, convenient and highly affordable online health assistance & care.

The Online Med Clinic is a private doctor service that offers you all the reassurance, expertise and convenience at an affordable price. We offer you a highly professional and fully transparent service. We want you to feel as safe and secure with us as you would in a face-to-face situation.

We believe that primary affordable healthcare is a mandatory prerequisite for everyone.  Our prime focus is to make primary health care easy, quickly accessible and cost effective by creating innovative consumer-driven health care solutions with the support of multi-specialty group of doctors on our board.

Our mission is to build the world's most convenient, international platform connecting medical personnel with patients on any device and at any time.

OMC also helps in keeping your health records and medical reports accessible, private, and secure so that you can easily share them with doctors to get better care whenever necessary.

Online Med Clinic is an initiative of Medsurge India which is one of the pioneers and the most reputable company in the field of Medical Tourism in India. We are one of the renowned healthcare providers that provide you the best service and advice. Your wellbeing has, and will always remain, our primary concern. We have been in Travel & Medical Tourism Industry for over ten years and remain one of the most highly regarded and rated Company. Our strong base in Travel Industry in the name of Travel Q Shop, helps us in providing complete Medical and Tourism assistance to our clients.

And now with the growing demand for online health assistance, Medsurge India has come up with the Online Med Clinic which will help not only the patients who seek online heath assistance but will also help patients who wish to travel to India for further Medical Treatment or Surgery through Medsurge India as required or recommended by the Doctor.

So, go ahead and give us a try. We're available 24/7 just for you!


– Mahatma Gandhi

Welcome to Online Med Clinic